“I am really grateful for everything that this school has given me” – Javier, Chile.

I decided to come to Ireland with the purpose of improving my English. It was the best choice I have made.

When I was doing my research on where I could study english, I had a few schools on my notepad, but it was after Emerald Culture Institute (Rathgar) visit when I made my choice.

This school offered me different things compared to the others. When I first arrived to the school with no appointment, I received the best welcome and time from the personnel, from the receptionist until the director of the school. The environment was very familiar, they didn’t make me feel like one student more on the list, since the beginning they seem to be very interested in you as a student. The methodology and the school itself, including the public areas such as the garden or the canteen, made me decide for this school.

Afterwards, once I started, I could confirm that I was right with my choice. I arrived with a middle level of english, but after two months studying I improved a lot thanks to the great teachers and classes that I had. Also, I had the opportunity to amend my CV and adapt it thanks to one of my teacher (Emma-Jane). I  don’t think that it was a coincidence when I received a few calls for job  opportunities after sending my new CV.

After leaving the school in July, 2017, I got a job in Accenture the following month, where I am still working until today. I am really grateful for everything that this school has given me, like having opened many doors in my professional and personal life through the life experiences and my english level growth.

Thanks Emerald.


Javi, Chile

Emerald student from May to July, 2017