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Cambridge Examinations

The Cambridge examinations are internationally recognised and results are valid for two years. It tests all the skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) as well as your knowledge of the language. There are many levels of the Cambridge examination, but the three most popular levels are PET (intermediate CEFR B1), FCE (upper-intermediate CEFR B2), and CAE (advanced CEFR C1).

The examinations are available at different dates during the year, generally March, June, August (FCE) and December. Our preparation courses begin 10-12 weeks before the examinations. Click here for information on available Cambridge Examination Preparation Courses.

Our teachers are specialists in preparing students for the Cambridge examinations and have a proven success record in achieving good results. We prepare students for the examination format and practise reading, writing, speaking, listening, and use of English.

Our school is a Cambridge Examination Venue and recognised Preparation Centre for Cambridge Examinations. We are happy to assist students in booking the examinations.


IELTS is an internationally recognised examination and is valid for two years. It is a requirement for immigration to some English-speaking countries and for entry into many universities. There are two types of IELTS examinations: General and Academic. We offer preparation courses for academic IELTS and our teachers are experts in preparing students to approach all sections of the text effectively, to get the required scores.

Our IELTS courses begin every week (subject to the correct level), click here for more information on available options. The examination is held regularly in Dublin and we can assist students in booking the examination.


TIE is a speaking and writing examination offered by the IELTS organisation. TIE is an exam with a high standard and an excellent assessment of a students’ level. It is an enjoyable examination to prepare for as students can choose the topics they wish to present during the test. Our Academic staff can assist students with the preparation. We are a test centre for TIE, students can book and sit the examination directly in the school.

Other Examinations

While we don’t offer preparation courses, we can assist students in preparing and booking additional examinations such as the TOEIC, Trinity and BULATS. We can provide support to students preparing these examinations during our supervised study sessions or by booking individuals classes.