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Student Handbook

Our handbook is a useful guide to life and study at Emerald, with information on student services, academic services, Emerald rules and regulations, essential telephone numbers, foreign embassy contact details and more.

You can also access this information on the My Emerald Life app, available for both Apple and Android.

Student Handbook


Who can I speak to if I have any questions?

If you have any additional questions, check out our handbooks for more information on your stay. You can also contact us. Once you are in the school, our Student Welfare Officers are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide assistance should you require it.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of my course?

You will receive an Emerald certificate at the end of your course. This will include your name and the dates and level of the course you attended.

What can I expect from staying with a host family?

Staying with a host family gives students an excellent opportunity to develop their language skills in a natural everyday context. Keep in mind that our host families all have traditions and habits that may be different from what you are accustomed to and keeping an open attitude and experiencing these new cultures is the best way to get the most out of your study abroad experience.

Your host family will provide breakfast and dinner everyday as well as lunch at the weekends. Dinner is usually served at around 6pm in the evening. Your room will be cleaned on a weekly basis (change of bed sheets, etc.) and your host family will also wash your clothes, they will explain to you on which days the washing is done.

Can I take holidays during my course?

If you are staying for 12 weeks or more you can take a holiday period during your course. You must book these holidays in advance of registering with INIS. Holidays cannot be taken during the first 8 weeks of a student’s course. Please refer to our terms & conditions for further information or click here to request your holidays.

What do I need to register with INIS (immigration office)?

Non-EU students who intend to stay for more than 90 days in Ireland must register with INIS. In order to receive the necessary documentation for this, you must attend a seminar where you will be given all information. The following will be required in order to complete the registration process:

  • School letter confirming fees have been paid
  • Irish bank account statement showing access to €3000 or 2 recent statements from home bank account with equivalent of €3000 and the relevant bank card
  • Private medical insurance
  • Registration fee of €300
  • Course schedule showing holidays and class timetable

Click here for more information on the immigration process.

Students can register for a maximum of 35 weeks and can be renewed on expiry up to a maximum of 2 years. To renew your registration, evidence of attendance at class must be presented. The minimum attendance level permitted is 85% – it is very important that all students maintain a high attendance record.

Students must also register for and sit a recognised English examination before they complete their course. Click here for more information on available examinations.

In order to register with INIS, it is necessary to book an appointment online. This can be done on the following website:

You can pre-book an appointment up to ten weeks in advance.

Do not be concerned If you were unable to book your appointment in advance . A small number of extra appointments are released every day at 14:30. If you are unable to book one immediately, please keep trying. It may take a few days before you find an available slot.

Can I work in Ireland?

Students from the EEA are entitled to work legally in Ireland based on the same conditions as Irish citizens. Students from countries outside the EEA are entitled to work part-time (maximum 20 hours per week) in Ireland if they are attending a full-time programme for 25 weeks or more. Students are only entitled to work full-time (maximum 40 hours per week) at specific times of the year: 15th December – 15th January, and June, July, August and September.

All students wishing to work in Ireland must obtain a PPS number – please speak to the Student Welfare Officer on arrival for more information. We also hold free regular living and working in Ireland seminars to provide students with advice and information.

Click here for more information on the immigration rules.

Do I need a visa to come to Ireland?

People from certain countries need a visa to travel to Ireland. If you are from the EU/EEA you do not require a visa. Students from certain countries such as Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan do not need a visa to enter Ireland but are required to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau in Dublin if they plan on staying in Ireland for more than 90 days.

Students from visa-requiring countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Colombia and China should contact the relevant embassy for more information, or check the website www.inis.gov.ie

What can I do in my free time?

Emerald offers a social and cultural programme every week which is clearly displayed on the notice board in school. You will have a free city centre orientation on your first Monday afternoon and then every week you can choose from our free guided tours or activities available at an extra cost, including excursions outside Dublin at the weekend. You can also stay in school in the afternoons to watch an English language movie, join our Study Club or just to relax and use our free WiFi. Our Student Welfare Officer will provide all information on our social and cultural programme or on any sights and attractions you are interested in.

Where can I buy a textbook?

You can buy the book on your second day in the Academic Office.

Where do I need to go on my first day of school?

Your booking confirmation will indicate which of our centres you have been assigned to. If you are staying with a host family, they will accompany you to school on the first day or show you how to get to school. If you are staying in an Emerald residence, please ask a residential supervisor for directions.

Your test will begin at 9am on Monday morning and will be followed by an orientation with our Student Welfare Officer, where you will be given your welcome pack.

After lunch we will take you into the city centre for an orientation.

What should I bring with me to Dublin?

For your classes, bring pen, paper and a bilingual dictionary. You can buy your textbook on your first day of school at a cost of €30 or €40, depending on your level and the duration of your stay with us.

Carry details of your insurance with you. Make sure to be covered by some form of medical insurance (we can provide medical insurance at a cost of €120 for a period of up to one year, contact us for more information).

Ireland has a variable but temperate climate and weather extremes are rare. You should bring some rain gear or warm clothes with you.

If you have booked accommodation with Emerald, it is NOT necessary to bring sheets and towels, these are provided.

Where should I go when I arrive in Dublin airport?

If you have booked a transfer for your arrival, an Emerald driver will pick you up in the arrivals hall of Dublin airport, he/she will be holding a sign with your name on it. Our driver will take you to the accommodation that you have booked with us.

It is possible to book airport transfers at a cost of €80 each way.

If you have not booked a transfer, we recommend that you take a taxi directly to your accommodation or the AIRCOACH bus from outside the arrivals hall to the city centre (www.aircoach.ie).